Comprehensive Design Package

Landscape Design Services

Our Comprehensive Design-only package provides a cohesive design plan for all elements of your outdoor space including hardscape, irrigation, planting, lighting and any structures needed. We provide detailed design elements that work with your measurements, slope, sun exposure, soil and existing landscape as well as your budget, needs and style. This package includes the following

  • Initial design consultation

  • Pinterest style board for design and planting elements

  • 2-3 design meetings/plan revisions 

  • Computer generated 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional design plans with exact measurements of your project 

  • Irrigation plan

  • planting mood board, specifications, procurement and layout services

  • research on municipal guidelines and city permitting to ensure proposed design is feasible

  • Estimate of project cost and cost saving elements

  • Specification of products to be used and detailed

  • Referrals for local contractors and specialists as well as DIY tips

Comprehensive design packages range from $1500- $3000 depending on scale of project and generally take 3 months to complete

Consultation Services

Initial Design Consultation

Irrigation Package

Ala Carte Design Elements

A one to two hour design consultation meeting to discuss your needs, dreams, budget and style for the space. Measurements will be taken and a detailed summary of the project as discussed, estimated cost of project and design needs will be provided within one week as well as detailed information about our process, fees and final design package. Design consultation fee is $75 and will be waived in the event a complete design package is contracted or in the event we are unable to take on your project for any reason. 


Custom complete irrigation design package. Flat project based pricing. 


Individual design elements as needed. Includes detailed 2 or 3-dimensional design and specifications. Examples include modern concrete elements such as bench seating, pond or fountain designs, planters or pergolas. Planting only design and layout also available. Individual design elements are billed on an hourly basis at $75 per hour and time to execution will be discussed with client prior to initiation of contract. 


Specialized Spring and Fall Landscape Maintenance


We do not provide regular lawn or mow and blow services. However we do offer specialized Spring/Fall maintenance services to prune and refresh your space as well as keep your plantings in peak performance. Cleanup, mulch refresh and plant replacement will be done as needed and as discussed with you, the client. These services are billed per hour or per day of work needed and are billed at $40 per hour.