Who I am and What I do

Born and raised in Yolo County I attended Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo where I received my degree in Materials Engineering, found a love of the ocean and coastal landscapes, and met my now wife. We moved to the Silicon Valley shortly before our first child was born and I spent 5 years in R&D for a green building materials startup with a focus on concrete. I came home with my family in tow and settled in Davis just after our second daughters birth. We have spent the last few years making Davis home and learning what is most important for our family. The birth of our third child who has critical medical needs led us to embrace a simpler life. We prioritize and really celebrate the outdoors, working with our hands and filling our lives with creating and passion. With my son as inspiration I have been led back to my roots and my passion for working with materials to create xeriscapes, modern outdoor products and living art that embraces and  celebrates our community. Our outdoor products utilize GFRC concrete and custom mix design to ensure stronger, lighter and more eco friendly products. I am passionate about design that celebrates outdoor living, family friendly spaces and sustainable garden practices.


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